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Developing successful SEO & digital marketing strategy for world-class companies.


OWENS DIGITAL MARKETING successfully generates topline revenues for clients by developing and implementing advanced SEO, digital marketing and business growth strategies.


Successfully implemented advanced SEO, digital marketing and business growth strategies to generate top line revenues and scale a local company from a 10 year flat line at $750k annually to $7.5M in 12 months, and then from $7.5M to $15M the following year. This was accomplished before the recent boom in the homebuilding market.


Murray Custom Homes was building 3-4 homes annually for about 10 years. The owner wanted to grow beyond 4 homes per year and scale to a leading builder in the area.

We started by looking at the infrastructure. When I came on board they did not have an office phone, website, or even a notepad to keep track of calls with. It was 3 guys in 1 room, just like a startup.

We spent the first year building-out the business infrastructure needed to accommodate the growth I knew we would generate. Implementing phone systems, interviewing and hiring sales staff, building the sales process and workflow models, implementing CRMs, email & marketing automations, business software, outsourced platforms, call tracking, attribution models, etc.. We built the business infrastructure.

In 2019 I started working on implementing ad campaigns and looking at the SEO. In 2020-2021 started looking at more advanced SEO strategies to get to the top of google for terms like "home builders lincoln ne" and "custom homes lincoln ne".

I can do the same for your company..




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